A8 Solomon's Wisdom - For Men

A8 Solomon's Wisdom - For Men A8 Solomon's Wisdom is a herbal combination to support penile enlargement, increase vigor and strong erections. Four white capsules and four yellow capsules equals A8. Drink one of each capsule 60 minutes before needed. Active for 48 hours.

Blicsm 2's & Pofadder 2's - For Men

Blicsm & Pofadder Herbs for men. Very popular capsule used by thousands of men for strong erections, it comes two in a pack and can be taken one hour before needed. All men, whether you have blood disorders, heart problems, hypertension, obese or unfit unfit, you can use Blicsm or Pofadder.

Devil Drops Endless Energy - For Men & Women

Devil Drops endless energy, extended libido and desire. Mainly developed for women, but men can use it as well. Devil Drops is a concentrated herbal combination booster, which contain herbs and seed extracts in preservative. Devil Drops has a very weird taste and is recommended to be taken on sugar or in a bit of beverage. Not recommended for pregnant women or persons with serious medical conditions. When taken with an energy drink, results will be quicker and more intense. Each unit contains 5ml drops.

Devil Thorn 10's - Herbs for Men

Devil Thorn herbs is a composition of herbs for men, but ladies can use it as well for pure desire. This unique capsule is formulated to cleanse the organs from the inside and also ensure a good blood flow. One unit contains 10 capsules. Take one or two capsules with water, and experience a healthy sex life.

Interforce SF400 8's for Men Interforce SF400 Singles for Men

Interforce SfF400 herbs for men are a unique combination of 15 different natural herbs. Specifically manufactured to assist in erectile function control and support enlarging of the male sex organ Drink one capsule a few hours before needed with a glass of water. This formula was mainly invented for shrunk penises in the case of ageing and cold weather. It is also a potent formula to put back the desire for sexual activity, not just a hard erection. Men, whether you have blood disorder, heart problems, hypertension, obese or unfit can use this product.

Super Fierce Strength Tablet 4's - 150mg

Super Fierce Strength Tablet, the popular brown pill that lasts up to 36-72 hours in the system and gives long, strong erections whenever you need it. Traditional Original Chinese.

Solomon's Wisdom Green 4's - For Men

This herbal capsule assists premature ejaculation and prevents that flat tyre in the middle of a session. Supports penile enlargement, increases vigour and fertility strength, but most of all long, strong erections.

Bang Bang Strongman 4's - 350mg

OTO Power Bang Bang Strongman lasts up to 72 hours. Contains 4 x 350mg tablets that can be chewed 30-45 minutes before needed. The strongest tablet since the original OTO.